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An easy software for a roulette

Sky Software Easy

Generally, the roulette bets are several types, depending on what you would like to bet. The version Sky Easy offers the player a flawless bet on the Black/Red areas. The tipster resembles no other created so far. Sky Easy is a product, very easy to work with, because the bet can be placed on the table with one chip.

If you want a quick and easy win than Sky Easy suits you perfectly.

The recommended minimum capital required for a game: 220 units

How does it work?

Initial set up

The interface of the product requires the player to input the amount of the initial bet, with which he wishes to play for one chip. Based on the initial bet input and the Sky Easy strategy chosen, the software calculates what is the amount of the minimum capital recommended, which you should have available in order to reach 95 % success.

In the field “type of the roulette” you must choose whether you’ll play on a live or on an electronic roulette. The electronic roulette has a timer that shows you how long to play and when it is recommended to stop or to change the roulette.

During the Sky Easy game

The roulette will give you a combination of black and red numbers and the only thing you need to do is to follow the recommendations given by Sky Easy. You can get surprised by the recommendations, because Sky Easy is unique. The system has been tested on millions of spins over different roulettes and works flawlessly. In each moment the system shows you the exact sum that you should bet on one position.

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