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Super software for a roulette

Sky Software Super

This time the bets on the roulette can be placed on Dozens and Columns. The Sky Super service analyzes the movements of the roulette and offers the player the most precise bet on Dozens and Columns.

Dozens are called three groups of numbers, as each of these groups contains a set of twelve numbers. The first group “P” – from 1 to 12, the second one “M” – from 13 to 24 and the third group “D” – from 25 to 36.

The columns are groups of numbers on the gambling table, which are placed in three columns, as the bet can be placed on the designated areas.

The software calculates automatically the moment to bet on either dozens or columns respectively. The product is easy and convenient to use, because it allows a quick bet with two chips to be placed on the table.

The recommended minimum capital required for a game: 60 units

How does it work?

Initial set up

The interface of the product requires the player to input the amount of the initial bet, with which he wishes to play for one chip. Based on the initial bet input and the Sky Super strategy chosen, the software calculates what is the amount of the recommended minimum capital, which you should have available in order to reach 95 % success.

In the field “type of the roulette” you must choose whether you’ll play on a live or on an electronic roulette. The electronic roulette has a timer that shows you how long to play and when it is recommended to stop or to change the roulette.

During the game

The only thing you need to do is to follow the recommendations for a bet, given by Sky Super. The peculiarity of Super is in the case of hitting the number 0, in this situation the software gives you a simple instruction about what to do. In each moment, the system recommends you the exact sum that you should bet on one position.

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